Protect Your Family, Protect Your Home, Protect Your Community

Alle-Catt is proposing to install up to 120, 600-feet tall windmills in Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming Counties, claiming they will provide environmental and financial benefits to residents. 

Unfortunately, the regulations to ensure these type of projects deliver on their promises are outdated and ineffective; exposing residents to significant risks. 

There is legislation being considered that would regulate the installation Alle-Cart Wind Farm that will safeguard our residents, properties and community.


Know The Claims

- The proposed project will lead to millions in tax payments.

- Wind turbines are environmentally friendly and reduce carbon emissions.

- Wind turbines can improve quality of life.

Know The Facts

- Similar projects have led to a decrease in property values of more than 30%.

- Allegany, Cattaraugus and Wyoming Counties can expect to lose up to $12,000,000 in tourism revenue per year, as a result of the project.

- There is no evidence that industrial wind power impacts carbon emissions.  In fact it is common for pollution and carbon dioxide emissions to rise in areas dependent on wind power.

- Scientific and medical evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to wind turbines leads to significant health risks; ranging from migraines and nausea to increased heart rate and blood pressure. 

Alle-Catt Wind Turbine Public Information Meeting

Please come out to the Alle-Catt Wind Turbine Public Information meeting and learn how we can work together to ensure a prosperous and healthy future for our community.  

Monday, May 7th at 6pm - 8pm
Farmersville Fire Hall
980 Elton Rd. 
Farmersville, NY 14060


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